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Dingo plush toys, cuddly dingo soft toys, and lifelike dingo stuffed animals and puppets. Dingos are Australian native wild dogs, and there are lots of beautiful quality dingos to choose from in-store

Fun Fact: Dingoes hold a significant place in the spiritual and cultural practices of many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. They feature in Dreamtime stories and ceremonies, on cave paintings and rock carvings. Dingoes descend from Asian dogs, and research shows that they arrived in Australia at least 8,300 years ago!

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  • Black Dingo Dog Plush Toy - Zorro

  • Dingo Dog Plush Toy Arnie

  • Dingo Dog Plush Toy Byron

  • Dingo Dog Plush Toy Max

  • Dingo Dog Plush Toy, Frazer

  • Hansa Dingo Dog Stuffed Animal Toy 45cm


6 Item(s)

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