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Forever Bears for Young Ones

Forever Bears for Young Ones

Posted by Angela on 12th Oct 2021

How to Choose a “Forever Bear” for the Newest Member of your Family  When a new member of the family arrives, choosing the best bear is a delightful task, but one that can also be a bit daunting.  At Teddy Bear Treasures, we assist families in choosing their forever bear for their newest meember, by guiding you through a series of helpful questions.

We start with the easy ones,

  • Are you thinking of a traditional bear?   Traditional bears, have joints in their legs, arms and neck, which means the bears can sit, and be easily posed. They make great companions, be it on a shelf or side table next to the bed or with the child at play, joining in on the tea parties, blocks, puzzles and games.
  • Or do you prefer a cuddly soft, sleep with suitable from birth teddy?   How to choose a cuddly sleep with teddy is the subject an upcoming blog.

If you decide that a traditional “forever bear” is what you’re after, then we start to gather information that will help you choose "The" Forever Bear.

We start with the three key attributes,

Fabric:  would you prefer natural fibres, like mohair, alpaca and cotton or would you prefer plush, which tends to be synthetic and softer than natural fibres.

Voice:    would you like the Bear to growl, play music or make no sound at all?

Play:       would you like the child to be safe to sleep with the bear by the age of three or would you prefer that the child only play with the bear under supervision until they are older?

Once you have answered those three key questions, you’re ready to begin for your “Forever Bear” hunt!   At Teddy Bear Treasures we have a huge selection of Traditional Bears, that are hand made in Germany and the United Kingdom, in affordable, and in exclusive price ranges and as we list all the bears features in the descriptions, you can search by Brand, Fabric, Voice, Age, Size and Price.

If you would like some more help, during your hunt, please don’t hesitate to contact us,

Just like the "Edward Bear" bear Mrs Daphne Milne, chose for Christopher Robin on his first Birthday  [It was the unique bond between Boy and Bear that inspired AA Milne to write the Winnie the Pooh stories]  please remember you can't go wrong in choosing a "Forever Bear" as, you chose him with love for someone you love, who will form a special bond with him and remember you.


  • Photo of Christopher Robin, Edward Bear & Mrs Milne, Copyright acknowledged / Estate of Marcus Adams / Camera Press   
  • Christopher Robin Milne; Dorothy ('Daphne') Milne (née de Sélincourt) by Marcus Adams
  • half-plate glass negative, 14 March 1928
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