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Deans Bears

Deans Bears. Dean's Bears the Uk's oldest bear company had been around for almost 200 years, producing books of all types and were well known for producing Debrett's Peerage. Two of the directors of the company followed the American example at the close of the nineteenth century and started a firm in London's east end, Dean and Green, producing printed cotton sheets of dolls and animals. In 1902, they experimented with the production of a child's book printed on calico, a simple idea but one which meant that the book could be washed. The success of this experiment, even though the books cost 6/- each (about $70 in today's currency) persuaded some of the directors of Dean & Son, to form a new company specifically for the production of printed cotton books and toys and so it was that on 8th August, 1903, Dean's Rag Book came into existence. During World War 1, the importation of German toys ceased and Dean's took advantage of this to produce a range of mohair plush toys. These were in a separate catalogue entitled "Kuddlemee Toys" which came out in 1915 and included the first catalogued bears Dean's produced. Today Deans continue to produce beautiful limited edition UK teddy bears.

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  • Piers Panda Deans Bears UK Limited Edition

    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Price $199.00

  • Pinot Noir, Deans UK Mohair Ltd Edition

  • Sailor Sam, Deans Ltd Ed Collectors Club

    Regular Price: $196.00

    Special Price $149.00

  • The Chef Deans Limited Edition Mohair Teddy Bear

    Regular Price: $196.00

    Special Price $159.00

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