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Bocchetta Plush Toys

Bocchetta Plush Toys, Bocchetta are an Australian company that for more than sixty years have been designing quality realistic stuffed animals, they are perhaps best known for their life like Dogs, Cats and Australian Animals. When you buy Bocchetta Plush Toys online from Teddy Bear Treasures huge selection, your get, fast delivery, low prices and shipping costs and no fuss returns. Bocchetta History: Bocchetta Plush Toys: Creating Joy Since 1948. Bocchetta Plush Toys is a family operated business, proud of a heritage that began in a small toy shop in the town of Arona, Italy. Today you will find them throughout much of Europe, Australia, and America. A great portion of success is due to the far reaching imagination and meticulous craftsmanship of our founder, Giovanni Bocchetta. In 1948, Giovanni Bocchetta turned his creative passions to toy-making. Armed with the skills of the traditional Italian craftsman, Giovanni tested the limits of his imagination as he set out to make the softest, most lifelike toys a child will ever know. Year by year he expanded the business, carefully staying true to the concepts of realistic design and quality craftsmanship. In 1992, the family moved their main office to Australia's Gold Coast. Today Bocchetta Plush Toys remains an example of imagination and skill passed from father to son. Bocchetta Plush Toys are manufactured in one of the three carefully selected and controlled toy factories, using the technology and know-how that they have successfully developed.

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  • Bandicoot Plush Toy Bert Medium

  • Bilby Soft Toy Belinda

  • Black and White Cat Plush Toy - Sitting

  • Border Collie Plush Toy Patch

  • Brabanter Horse Pony Plush Toy Sahara

  • Bulldog Plush Toy Baxter

  • Echidna Plush Toy Harry

  • Frilled Neck Lizard Plush Toy

  • Golden Retriever Dog Plush Toy Goldie

  • Grey Kangaroo Plush Toy Tracy

    Regular Price: $28.90

    Special Price $24.90

  • Kookaburra Plush Toy Hillary

  • Lamb Plush Toy Curly

  • Long Haired Black Cat Toy Onyx

  • Mini Cockatoo Plush Toy

  • Mini Turtle Plush Toy

  • Persian Cat Plush Toy Vanilla

  • Platypus Plush Toy Tucker

  • Realistic Wombat Plush Toy Matilda

  • Ringtail Possum Plush Toy Zac

  • Siamese Cat Soft Plush Toy Blossum

  • Sitting Grey Cat Stuffed Animal Toy

  • Tan Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy) Dog Stuffed Animal Lester

  • Tiger Cub Plush Toy Tibby

    Regular Price: $20.90

    Special Price $18.90

  • Turtle Plush Toy Flynn

  • White Persian Cat Plush Toy Pearl

  • White Persian Cat Soft Toy Snowflake

  • Wombat Plush Toy Large Georgina

  • Wombat Plush Toy Tina

    Regular Price: $25.90

    Special Price $24.90

  • Wombat Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Margherita

  • Brown Labrador Dog Plush Toy Mocha

  • Echidna Keyring

  • Tazzie Tasmanian Devil Plush Toy - Mum and Baby

  • Black Pug Dog Plush Toy - Lying Bandit

  • Husky Dog Plush Toy Button


34 Item(s)

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