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First Dolls

First dolls for babies, rag dolls, soft dolls, beautiful quality baby safe first dolls for your little one to cuddle and love. We also stock baby boy dolls, baby girl dolls & organic cotton dolls. Affordable quality dolls safe for baby

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  • Dolly Cuddler Comfort Toy - Fisher Price

    Regular Price: $24.90

    Special Price $19.90

  • Kaloo Tendresse Azure Doll Medium

  • Kaloo Tendresse Fleur Doll Medium

  • Kaloo Tendresse Lucas Boy Doll Medium

  • Kaloo Tendresse Perle Doll Large

  • Kaloo Tendresse Perle Doll Medium

  • Kaloo Tendresse Rose Doll Large

  • Kids Preferred Smarty Kids "D Is For Doll"

    Regular Price: $39.90

    Special Price $29.90

  • Organic Cotton Doll - Keptin Jr

  • Princess Doll Red Floral Alimrose Designs

    Regular Price: $76.90

    Special Price $56.90

  • Princess Doll Starflower Gund 30cm

    Regular Price: $39.90

    Special Price $34.90

  • Tooth Fairy Boy Doll Ragtales UK 19cm


12 Item(s)

per page