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Dogs for Babies

Dog soft toys for baby, beautiful quality baby safe dog plush toys and baby comforters. You can shop with confidence knowing that these dogs are soft, cuddly, fun and designed with your special little one's safety in mind.

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  • Babys First Puppy Puffball Plush Toy Blue Korimco

    Regular Price: $24.90

    Special Price $19.90

  • Good Night Dog Comforter, Steiff 27cm

  • Good Night Dog Music Box Blue

  • Little Friend Lumpi Golden Retriever Puppy Steiff

  • Organic Cotton Comforter Paws the Puppy

  • Snuggles Puppy Soft Toy Biscuit

  • Snuggles Puppy Soft Toy Blue

  • Snuggles Puppy Soft Toy Candy Pink

  • Snuggles Puppy Soft Toy Misty Grey

  • Soft Cuddly Friends Peppi Whelp Puppy Dog Steiff 28cm

  • Soft Cuddly Friends Peppi Whelp Puppy Dog Steiff 38cm

  • Spot the Dog Soft Toy Large

  • Steiff Good Night Dog Beige

  • Stuffed Animals Plush Toys Dave the Dog Huggie OB Designs

  • Stuffed Animals Plush Toys Taupe Dog - Duke Dog Huggie OB Designs


15 Item(s)

per page