Merrythought Bears Australia

Merrythought Bears Australia buy online at Teddy Bear Treasures Australia. Merrythought has handmade traditional teddy bears in the World Heritage Site of Ironbridge, Shropshire, UK since 1930. Merrythought is a family business famous for crafting the finest, jointed, mohair teddy bears adored by children and adults across the world. Every one of our bears is lovingly made by hand in our factory in the heart of England, giving them a unique character and superior quality that can last a lifetime. Our range includes Traditional and Limited Edition teddy bears as well as our iconic Cheeky and Punkie bears – every one of our bears is a unique Merrythought design, artistically brought to life using over 85 years of skills. Merrythought teddy bears have universal appeal making them the perfect gift for a christening, wedding or birthday as well as special collector’s items; our quintessentially British teddy bears make a truly special lifelong gift.

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  • Merrythought London Gold Musical Teddy Bear

  • Merrythought Teddy Bear London Curly Gold Large

  • Rosie Merrythought Teddy Bear Ltd Ed

  • Cheeky Merrythought 85th Anniversary Teddy Bear

  • Merrythought Ironbridge Year Bear 2015

  • Merrythought London Gold Growling Teddy Bear Extra Large

  • Merrythought Teddy Bear London Blonde Large Growler

  • Piper Merrythought Teddy Bear Ltd Ed

  • Punkie Merrythought 85th Anniversary Teddy Bear

  • Merrythought Cheeky Betsy Bunny Ltd Ed


10 Item(s)

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