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Water Creatures

Water creature plush toys stuffed animals and puppets beautiful quality Toys from the worlds best brands in stock in Australia ready to ship. Love the water, these creatures do too! Lots of sea, river and pond creature soft toys, plush toys and realistic stuffed animals are here for you to enjoy.

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  • Agro the Crocodile Plush Toy Extra Large 84cm

  • Black Tip Reef Shark Plush Toy

    Regular Price: $15.90

    Special Price $12.90

  • Corroboree Frog Plush Toy

  • Flaps Baby Penguin Steiff 16cm

  • Green Starfish Soft Plush Toy Cuddlekins

    Regular Price: $23.90

    Special Price $17.90

  • Penguin Plush Toy Australian Made Large

    Regular Price: $64.90

    Special Price $44.90

  • Red Crab Plush Toy (Sally Lightfoot) National Geographic

    Regular Price: $39.90

    Special Price $29.90

  • Sea Horse Plush Huggable Toys

    Regular Price: $24.90

    Special Price $17.90

  • Sea Lion Plush Toy Ronan

  • Snailly Slug Soft Toy Steiff

  • Turtle Plush Toy Small


11 Item(s)

per page