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Teddy Bear Treasures Lay-by

Teddy Bear Treasures are pleased to offer a Lay-by Service for our clients.  Teddy Bear Treasures Lay-by aims to be helpful and fair, please read our terms and conditions carefully before placing a Lay-by Order as you accept our terms and conditions in full by making your first Lay-by payment.

 Terms and Conditions                                                


a)      Lay-by Minimum Teddy Bear Treasures accepts Lay-bys for orders that total a minimum of $100 excluding postage

b)     Lay-by Payments

  • A first Lay-by payment of 30% of the total order is required to secure the item(s) Subsequent, regular Lay-by payments must be made as agreed. Lay-by final payment is required 12 weeks after the lay-by began. 
  • On request,  Christmas Lay-by, [Final Payment due on 1 December 2021] is available, from 1st August.  
  • Payments may be made by either direct deposit into our bank account or by Automatic Credit Card recharge.

c)      Lay-by Cancellation A Lay-by cancellation fee of 30% of the full invoice value will apply if a lay-by is canceled. Customer Lay-by cancellations are only accepted in writing (email or letter) If you do not complete your Lay-by and are in default we reserve the right to cancel your Lay-by and withhold a 30% cancellation fee. 

d)    If you are in default, you will be sent a written (email or letter) default notice giving you a warning of our intention to cancel. In the event of cancellation, payments received in excess of the 30% fee will be refunded.

e)      Members Discounts & Special Promotions Bear Club, Members Discounts apply to Lay-bys

f)     Special Item Promotions and Item Sales Prices apply to lay-bys

g)    Free Freight promotions apply to lay-bys.


How to Lay-by:

a)    Shop at www.TeddyBearTreasures.com.au in the usual way, placing item(s) into your shopping cart

Making sure you, include your delivery address and phone numbers, and in the notes field of the order write Lay-by.

b)    At check-out choose “Bank” as your payment method.


Contact us and ask for a Lay-by payment schedule to be sent to you.  Please remember to tell us your preferred final payment date and payment method ie Bank Direct Deposit, Paypal or Credit Card.

c)    Complete your Lay-by, within the agreed time and

d)    your item(s) are sent to you for you to enjoy!
If you have any queries at all about our service, items or Lay-by please do not hesitate to contact us by using the Contact US details on our website.