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Hansa Pre-Orders

Hansa PreOrders / Special Orders

Teddy Bear Treasures is a Premier Teddy Bear & Plush Toy Shop that stocks items from quality International and Australian brands.

As is normal practice in our market of premium and limited edition products, we may display items and advertise them for sale, that are new, in short supply or yet to be released by the manufacturer.

Where this is the case we will show them as available for pre-order/special-order and note on the listing the estimated wait time. If you wish to place a pre-order/special order please click and read the Pre-Order Terms & Conditions here. By placing your pre-order/special order you accept the terms and conditions in full.

12 Item(s)

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  • Black Swan Plush Toy Hansa 27cm

  • Hansa African Serval Cat Stuffed Animal Standing 48cm

  • Hansa Blue Butterfly Plush Toy 13cm

  • Hansa Dragonfly Insect Stuffed Animal Plush Toy 33cm

  • Hansa Eastern Rosella Parrot Bird Plush Toy 36cm

  • Hansa Flying Scarlett Macaw Bird Plush Stuffed Animal Toy 56cm

  • Hansa Lamb Puppet 27cm

  • Hansa Lion Cub Plush Animal 17cm

  • Hansa Pigeon Bird Soft Toy 29cm

  • Hansa Puppet Maremma Puppy Dog 28cm

  • Hansa Wombat Stuffed Animal Plush Toy 37cm

  • Tasmanian Tiger Plush Stuffed Animal Hansa 35cm


12 Item(s)

per page