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Teddy Hermann

Teddy Hermann Bears in Australia Teddy Hermann GmbH, begin in 1912 they are one of the oldest German teddy bear factories, and are still a family business that stands for tradition and continuous refinement of bear design. Teddy Hermann bears are a joy to give and pleasure to receive, they are always beautiful quality.

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  • Anteater Soft Push Toy Hermann

  • Beaver Soft Plush Toy

  • Bernese Mountain Dog Soft Toy, Sitting

  • Black and White Cat Plush Soft Toy, Lying Medium

  • Budgerigar Bird Soft Push Toy Blue

  • Budgerigar Bird Soft Push Toy Green

  • Capricorn Goat Soft Plush Toy Standing

  • Collie Dog Plush Toy Lying

  • Dangling Bunny Rabbit Creame Tipped

  • Dangling Bunny Rabbit Gold

  • German Short Haired Pointer Hunting Dog Plush Toy, Sitting

  • Golden Retriever Dog Soft Toy, Sitting

  • Goose Soft Push Toy Hermann

  • Grey Cat Soft Push Toy, Lying

  • Hamilton Hound Dog Soft Toy, Sitting

  • Hedgehog Soft Plush Toy Small

  • Miniature Schnauzer Dog Soft Toy, Sitting

  • Panther Soft Plush Toy

  • Pelican Soft Push Toy Hermann

  • Pig Piggy Soft Plush Toy

  • Pomeranian Dog Plush Toy

  • Pug Dog Soft Toy, Sitting

  • Red Tabby Cat Plush Soft Toy, Standing Hermann

  • Skunk Soft Push Toy Hermann

  • Swan Soft Push Toy

  • West Highland Terrier Dog Plush Toy, Sitting

  • White Cat Plush Soft Toy, Lying Medium

  • White Dove Soft Push Toy


28 Item(s)

per page